Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretend Play: Wooden Post Office/Bank

Our next project was a wooden POST OFFICE / BANK. We actually finished this back in June, but I didn't have time to post it before we went on our month long vacation!

I wanted a piece that could be "multi-purpose", since we are quickly running out of room! I decided to modify Ana's Library from Grace's Town into this piece.

Here is the wood cut, ready to be assembled:

This is the basic "shelf unit" built, waiting for the "window" and "vertical dividers":

I built a basic "frame" for the plexiglas window, and then reinforced the inside with pieces of 1x2:

I found 18x24 plexiglas at Lowes, and attached it to the inside of the frame (after painting) with screws through the plexiglas:

With help from my husband (this window is BIG!), I attached the the frame to the base with metal "L" shape brackets and some "blocks" screwed together for stability:

I added vertical dividers to the shelves which makes it into a POST OFFICE. I also trimed out the front of each box with 1x2's to finish it off. At this point I painted the front white, and then stained the inside and countertop. I also added a flat wooden MDF panel to the front (not pictured, held on by mirror clips) so that the unit could be "converted" to a "BANK" by sliding the panel down the front and covering the "post office boxes":

The front has a "drop" door. This can be used as a place to drop "mail" or "bank money"!:

I accessorized with business signs (from Lowes), my daughters' cash register, a "money box" from Target, and some junk "mail". I even had an old "post office box" (converted into a bank) from my childhood that she confiscated for play. She loves it!

***I am NOT LIABLE for any plans featured here. Please take every precaution and use your own discretion to make sure these toys are safe for children to play with them.