Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Started: Tools

I've had a few requests to do a post on the tools I use.
This is the MAIN list, but doesn't include things like wood glue, paint, paint brushes and sandpaper.
I hope this helps!!

1.)  Hand Saw
(We have a power saw, but I prefer using a hand saw because it is safer around my daughter and I BURN LOTS OF CALORIES using it!!)

2.)  Cordless Drill
(This drill is AWESOME, and has mostly replaced our electric drill!  It is sized perfectly for a woman's hand, as well.)

3.)  Standard Drill Bits

4.)  Wood Boring Drill Bits
(These are needed for making large round holes in wood.)

5.)  Combination Square
(I use this for making "square" measurement marks on my wood while I work....cutting is easier.)

6.)  Tape Measure
(Any tape measure will work!)

7.)  Compact Drill & Driver Set (countersink bit included)
(This set is a LIFE SAVER!  It allows you to use 1 bit that is double headed.  You drill your hole with one side, flip it open and turn the bit around, and then drill the screw in with the other side.....all while just using ONE HAND!!)

8.)  Air Nailer
(You can use ANY type of air nailer, but I personally own this one.)

9.)  Air Compressor
(You can choose ANY type of air compressor, but I personally own this one.)

10.)  Clamps
(Choose any type to get the job done!)

11.)  Jig Saw (electric)

Coping Saw (manual)
(These saws are used to make "swirly-curly-cutesy-cuts" in wood.  I personally prefer a manual coping saw.  I feel it is safer around my child.  I also enjoy burning calories!)

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