Thursday, June 16, 2011

18" Doll: Ana White - Ayla Cabinet

Ana White has posted FREE PLANS to build
 a GORGEOUS little storage cabinet
for 18" dolls.

Head over and check it out:

While this is not large enough to store "doll furniture" inside, it would do nicely for hanging doll clothes and a doll or two inside the cabinet.  The drawer is perfect for shoes, folded clothes, and small doll accessories!  There's even room on top for displaying some larger pieces (furniture) and "nice" dolls on display stands.  Overall, this is a great piece for a small area (think bedroom, entry way, or even an apartment) or for a little girl just starting out with her "doll world"!

Looks like fun! :)

Please feel free to use these plans to build furniture, for sale or for pleasure, but please do not sell the PLANS as your "own".  Please also give credit to me and link back here!  I hope you enjoy them!!

***I am NOT LIABLE for any plans featured here. Please take every precaution and use your own discretion to make sure these toys are safe for children to play with them.


  1. Wow, very cool idea and definitely creative... Adding your feed now. Thanks!

    Food Display Cabinets

  2. Prolix -
    Thanks for adding the feed, and I hope you enjoy Ana's Ayla Cabinet!


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