Thursday, March 28, 2013

18 inch Doll: Kitchen Part 2: Refrigerator

Kitchen Part 2: Refrigerator
Part 1: Kitchen Sink/Dishwasher can be found here:


2 - 1x8 @ 23" (sides)
3 - 1x8 @ 9" (top, 2 inside shelves)
1 - 1x2 @ 9" (toe kick)
1 - 1x12 @ 7.25" (freezer door)
1 - 1x12 @ 13.5" (fridge door)
4 - 5/8" square dowels @ 7" (runners for "shelves" inside)
1 - 1/4" MDF @ 10.5"x22" (fridge backing)
2 - 1/4" MDF @ 7.25"x9" (fridge shelves)
2 - magnetic door clasps ***optional (they help the doors to stay closed, so it's a nice touch)g
2 - pairs hinges (cabinet and dishwasher) ***Everbilt Narrow Utility Hinges 1", Home Depot
2 - cabinet pull (dishwasher handle) ***Liberty 3" Pull, Home Depot

2 - plastic "organizer baskets" for inside fridge ***optional

measuring tape
Drill / 2" wood screws
wood glue
wood clamps
sand paper
painter's tape
wood putty (if you need to fill any holes)
paint to finish (I used WHITE latex for the interior, GRAY latex for the exterior sides, and SILVER spray paint for the doors)

***All of my building pictures were deleted during a large "computer problem". Use the building methods in this link for "basic" building instructions:
We are simply making a "shelf" with hinged doors on the front...nothing more complicated than that! :)
1.  Cut out all of your pieces as described and sand them smooth!

2.  Attach your sides to your top using 2" screws.

3.  Attach the 1x2 toe kick to the bottom FACE of the fridge, and then attach your bottom shelf directly on top of that using 2" wood screws.

4.  Attach your 1x8 "middle shelf" at 16" (from bottom of fridge SIDES to TOP of new shelf) using 2" wood screws.

5.  Attach your wood dowels to the sides of your fridge at 6.25" and 9.5" (from bottom of fridge SIDES to the TOP of each dowel) using wood glue and clamps.  Make sure that they are attached LEVEL and EVEN across from each other. Allow to dry overnight:
6.  Attach the MDF backing to your fridge. Fill all screw holes with wood putty and allow to dry overnight. Sand until smooth.

7.  Paint the interior of your fridge and doors WHITE, and the exterior of fridge and doors GRAY/SILVER. Allow to dry overnight.

8.  Attach all door hardware: hinges, pulls, magnetic closures. 
You are now finished and READY FOR PLAY!!!!

Please feel free to use these plans to build furniture, for sale or for pleasure, but please do not sell the PLANS as your "own".  Please also give credit to me and link back here!  I hope you enjoy them!!
***I am NOT LIABLE for any plans featured here. Please take every precaution and use your own discretion to make sure these toys are safe for children to play with them.

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