Saturday, November 13, 2010

18" Doll: Pilgrim Dress

So I had some fabric, pattern, and an idea...I wanted to experiment!  I decided to make an outfit that I couldn't readily buy from "They Who Shall Not Be Named".....why not a pilgrim dress?  Hmmm....

I used McCall's Crafts Pattern # 3900 for dolls, view C with straight sleeves in black fabric.

I paper-pieced the long pilgrim collar and cuffs in white, then sewed them onto the dress.  I also "winged" an apron out of white and tied that onto the doll.  

Not too bad for just playing around and using up scrap fabric!  This will make a great Christmas present for my daughter.  Have an adventure.....grab a pattern, scrap fabric and your imagination.....then CREATE!!! 

***I am NOT LIABLE for any plans featured here. Please take every precaution and use your own discretion to make sure these toys are safe for children to play with them.


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