Sunday, March 13, 2011

18" Doll: Food Ideas

In my last post I showed how to make "canned goods" for our grocery store shelves.

Yet....sometimes we need some things that look more like "food" and feel more "realistic".  You can purchase food direct from American Girl:

or from a store front on Etsy:
My favorite is PIPPALOO!

or you can find "doll food" at any number of online sellers:

I have found that in each of these cases I am limited to what items are available and what my budget allows...

So I decided to try to make my own selection of food and save money in the process by using an online series of tutorial videos.
Please visit:

She has some AMAZING tutorials on using polymer clay to make doll food.  I have used SEVERAL of these methods, and have made everything from cakes to vegetables to bread.

Polymer clay and the other tools used can be found at your local hobby/crafts store for reasonable prices, especially when they go on sale!  Then you have the ability to customize the size, shape, color and sheer number of items that you can make at one time.  Need a grocery store FULL of vegetables?  Need a bakery full of bread?  How about a pizzeria?  Just sit down and make a few items at time....easy peasy!

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  1. My daughters and I were just talking about using polymer clay to make the doll's food! We have been making them felt play food and want to scale a few things back for their dolls (I'm using it as a way to teach them to sew, the felt food). I've got some big ideas for their dolls in the works!


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