Sunday, May 22, 2011

18" Doll: Mason Jars

On our recent trip to visit family, 
I found some doll-sized mason jars!

I used the opportunity to teach more to my daughter about canning.  I come from a long line of farmers, and I have fond memories of my grandmother feeding us from her "pantry" of glass jars.  My mother cans from her garden harvest each year, and I am slowly getting into the practice of doing it myself.  I wanted to explain to my daughter more about how food was preserved before refrigeration.  She enjoys learning a bit of history while "playing" with her dolls, and WE enjoy being in the kitchen together actually canning!

For a brief history of the canning jar, you can visit here:

If you are interested in getting some doll-sized mason jars for yourself....
they are actually toothpick holders!
Google: mason jar toothpick holder (they run about $5-9/ea.)

Happy CANNING!! :)


  1. Kristi, those are too cute..You have turned into the most creative gal I know..I miss living across from you, girl..I would just love being a 'grandma' to your sweet little gal. Hope we can get together this summer..Carl and I need a trip down to the beach!
    love you

  2. Thanks Barb!!! Miss y'all, too!


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